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Why Spray Foam?

No other insulation performs as well as foam. With foam you get an air barrier and insulation in one. Sprayed on in liquid form it expands to fill gaps and cracks; custom fit to every cavity in your building. The adhesive properties allow for applications not possible with fiberglass. With foam insulation applied to your roof, floor, or walls, your building envelope is sealed and insulated from the outside environment. Foamed attics stay nice and cool, reducing the load on HVAC equipment, and drastically reducing heating/cooling costs by up to 50%! If your house is on piers we can insulate every inch of floor and seal holes from pipes and wires.

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About Us

Climate Defense Systems was established in 2011 and has been dedicated to providing cleaner, more efficient buildings. We strive to provide the best service at a fair price with integrity. Our training goes above and beyond the product and equipment. We understand how your building works as a system and we work together to provide the best insulation services.

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Our Service

The greenest spray foam on the market!

Residential - Commercial - Agricultural - Industrial

Residential – New homes, Attics, Floors

Commercial - Buildings, Containers, etc.

Agricultural – Chicken coops to pig pens- you name it, we can foam it

Industrial – Warehouses to walk in coolers

Whatever your insulation needs – if it can be painted, it can be foamed!

Open cell foam:
Open cell foam is a semi-rigid foam (.5lb/cuft) that is an excellent economical way for air sealing most interior applications. Sprayed on in liquid form, it immediately expands 130% filling the space and sealing out air infiltration. Forget sagging cellulose and redoing blown in fiberglass – foam insulation is a once and done insulation application.

Closed cell foam:
Closed cell foam is a rigid foam (2lb/cuft) and has the highest R-value per inch of any insulation material. It makes a perfect choice for any exterior application and especially ideal for under house crawlspaces where environments can be musty and damp. A foamed floor will provide consistent floor temperatures and keep air from leaking in or out. Closed cell can even be used for roofing applications – sealing water and insulating in one application.

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